Sampo Standard Heater
Sampo Standard Heater
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Quadruple Wall Construction for Safety
  • Stainless steel body
  • Quadruple wall construction
  • Large rock capacity (7 gallons)
  • Includes thermostat controls, flush-mount or surface mount
  • Optional timer available
  • Five (5) year manufacturer's warranty

I highly recommend this heater! This is by far the safest sauna heater on the market. Due to its quadruple wall construction, the heater stays cool to the touch. This is particularly of interest to families with children.


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Size/kW Amps Wire Price
4 kW
18.2 10 $760
6 kW
27.3 10 $860

Important Information
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Warranty Info Warranty Info

Quality Materials
Rock Tray
Stainless steel body.

  • Dimensions:  20"w x 12"d x 25"h
CSA approved.
More Information
Sampo Sauna Heaters have unique features not found in other sauna heaters. Sampo's extremely large rock capacity welcomes almost any amount of water. Quadruple wall construction means that the sides of the heaters stay cool to the touch during operation.

Sauna Rocks
This heater requires approximately 7 gallons of rocks. We ship the heater without rocks, because it is far more cost-effective to purchase these rocks locally. The best kind is 3-4 inch granite rocks that are available at your local garden supply or stone dealer.

Sampo heaters come with a standard thermostat control, and have the option of a 60 minute timer (shown). Specify flush mount or surface mount. Flush mount controls have a beautiful brush stainless steel cover plate.

Expert Product Reviews

Tony Brechkow, (retired) co-founder:

From my point of view, this is the best sauna heater on the market. It's built like a Scheurman Tank with a heavy guage rust-proofed steel base and a strong body made from four layers of polished stainless steel. The first layer is a protective sheath that ensures a long life for the elements. The second layer holds the rocks, while the third and fourth layers provide an insulating air-space around the exterior that keeps the heater cold during operation.

My statement is this: If you've got children running around the house, or if you like to use a lot of water on your sauna heater, then you should buy this heater.

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